Our Best Beard Comb FAQ

Like most things, choosing the best beard care tools is largely and primarily a matter of opinion.  Selecting the best beard comb or brush for you depends a lot on personal preference, the length, density, and consistency of your beard, and what style you’re going for.

In fact, some folks prefer NOT to comb their beards and will swear up and down that you shouldn’t do so.  We’ll come right out and say that the vast majority of beards, just like the hair on your head, needs some grooming to look it’s best. Unless you’re going for an extremely “rustic” look (sarcasm intended).

All this input can be confusing, so we hope our objective guide to beard combs and beard brushes will help you out.

Do Beard Combs Work?

Beard combs work basically the same as hair combs for styling and detangling hair.  Of course, the coarser hair of your beard is probably a bit more unruly than the hair on your head, which is where a good beard balm, beard butter or beard enhancer can come in to help hold your whiskers in place.  NOTE:  Beard oil will help condition your beard and skin, but it won’t offer any hold to help style it.  

Should I Use A Beard Comb or Brush?

Another way folks ask this question is, “Is a comb or brush better for my beard?”  As you probably suspected, the answer really depends on the style, length, and type of beard you have.

In general, a quality bristle beard brush is best on shorter beards.  It’ll smooth out your beard, help it lay down, and give it some shape and direction without pulling out hairs.  The best beard brush usually has bristles made from a natural material that are firm enough to move and shape your beard, but soft enough to comfortably stimulate the skin under your beard.  Not only does this feel good, brushing your beard is good for your skin too, helping exfoliation and perhaps even encouraging beard growth.

When your beard gets “mid length”, say 2”-6” in length, you’ll likely either want to switch to a beard comb, or use a combination of a comb and a brush.  Think of combs as detanglers, and brushes as finishers.  

What Is The Best Comb For A Beard?

Best Wood Beard Comb and Beard Comb FAQs

Choosing the best beard comb comes down to three basic choices:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Tooth Density

Best Beard Comb Material

Most beardsmen will agree that a wooden beard comb is best. They’re less aggressive on your skin than a metal or plastic comb, and they absorb some of the beard oil or other beard products you might use, helping to distribute them evenly throughout your beard.  This absorption also means less messing around cleaning oils or other products off your comb.

Another issue with plastic combs is they generate static electricity, which promotes frizz and dryness.  Generally not what we’re going for.

Finally, as a wood beard comb continues to get used along with beard oil, it gets “conditioned” with the oils, helping it glide effortlessly through your facial forest, spreading joy and the delightful scent of your favorite beard oil along as it goes.  How’s that for a way to start your day?

Best Size For A Beard Comb

Again, we’re here at personal preference.  But in general, the bigger the beard, the bigger the comb that will make sense for you.  A small beard comb gives more control for smaller beards, while a big beard comb swaths through the mightiest of beards quickly and easily.

How Is A Beard Comb Different?

The biggest difference between beard comb and a hair comb is tooth length and density.  A good beard comb will have teeth that are spaced out wider than most hair combs.  Secondly, longer teeth on a good beard comb allows you to comb through our beard, all the way to the skin, without matting your beard in the process.  

Guys with longer beards (over 6”) generally find that a wide tooth beard comb works best, especially if they’ve got an untrimmed “all natural” beard.  Again, this depends on personal preference and beard type; a medium tooth beard comb may still be your best friend even if you have a massive beard.  Generally speaking, the denser the beard, the wider the teeth you’ll want to use to prevent snags and to more gently work out tangles.

How Do I Comb My Beard?

Your beard combing technique might vary a bit, depending on your style.  But here's some basic pointers that apply in general:

  • First, use a medium tooth beard comb to detangle your beard.

  • Comb straight through, from top to bottom.  Never comb against the grain.

  • As your beard gets a little longer, you may want to comb from under your beard too, from the base of your neck out toward the end of your beard.

  • Always finish with a few top-to-bottom strokes to help your beard lay down and stay tamed.

  • Next, if you’re using an all-natural beard oil, beard butter, or beard growth enhancer (highly recommended) apply that now.

  • Comb through your beard with a few top-to-bottom strokes again, smoothing out your beard and helping to distribute the beard products you just applied.

  • Finally (and optionally), use a beard brush with top-to-bottom strokes as a finishing touch.  This really helps smooth out stragglers, and helps train your beard to lay flat.

How Many Times A Day Should You Comb Your Beard?

Comb your beard like you comb your hair:  When it needs it.  That said, here’s two things about combing your beard you should know:

  • It’s a good idea to comb your beard before bed, especially for longer beards.  It helps to start with a clean slate to prevent tangles overnight. Many beardsmen also like to apply a small amount of beard oil or beard enhancer before bed too, to add moisture and volume while you sleep.

  • Some folks will tell you that you can overcomb your beard, or comb it too much.  We’re not sure that’s really a thing, but excessive combing can cause you to snag and pull out more hairs than you would otherwise.  So how much combing is too much combing?  When it becomes a neurotic habit like the Fonz.  That’s too much.

How Do I Shape My Beard?

Beard shaping comes down to trimming and grooming, depending on the style you’re going for.  Trimming your beard is key to some beard shapes and styles, but can be a dangerous proposition, so we recommend you get the help of a professional. 

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