MEAN BEARD Gift Guide: The 8 Best Gifts for Guys With Beards

It's not always easy to find gifts for guys with beards. Maybe it's because beardsmen (especially the MEANest kind) always seem to have everything they need. But just as often, they're missing something in their lives that they didn't even know they needed — or that they could always use more of. That's exactly what the best beard gifts do for the bearded man in your life. Luckily, here at MEAN BEARD, gifts for him are easy to come by.

The MEAN BEARD Gift Guide aims to show you some of the best gifts we have to offer your favorite beardsman, whether he's just started growing his face follicles or he's looked like a Mountain Wizard for decades. We've definitely got Christmas and Secret Santa gifts in mind here (after all, Old Saint Nick is kind of the patron saint of beardsmen), but truthfully, these beard gift ideas work for any occasion — birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Days, Fourth of July celebrations, whatever. We don't judge. From dear old Dad to a loving partner, we just want to show you the absolute best gifts for guys with beards so you can stop buying the same pair of socks year after year.

#1: Beard Oil

Mean Beard Beard Oil

This is a classic beard grooming gift for a reason. Realistically, when most people think of beard stuff for guys, they're thinking of beard oil. Why is that? Is it because people assume that dudes would rub tobacco and trees all over themselves if it were socially acceptable? Maybe — and we definitely have scents that can evoke that sensation, as well as plenty of other refined, manly scents. But the reality is that beard oil is great for men's beards, supporting healthy hair and skin by moisturizing, conditioning and taming the wilderness.

#2: Beard Balm

Mean Beard Beard Balm

Beard grooming gifts don't begin and end with the oil. If your beardsman needs a little more control over his whiskers, beard balm is an excellent choice. It offers all of the same benefits but with a bit of a stronger hold (though you can also opt for a light or heavy gauge hold). Some men even like to use both — oil to soften the beard and balm to style it. Either way, you can't go wrong. You'll find the same high-quality ingredients and scents as MEAN BEARD oil, too.

#3: MEAN WHIP Beard Enhancer

Mean Beard Beard Whip

Not sure if your guy likes a lighter or stronger hold? We've got the perfect beard grooming gift for him. The unique formula of our MEAN WHIP beard enhancer offers a hold that is somewhere in between. You might have heard of "beard butter" before, and that idea will put you in the right ballpark, but MEAN WHIP is so much better, offering an incredible blend of aloe butter, avocado butter, olive butter and pumpkin seed butter (hungry yet?) that nourishes without leaving him feeling greasy.

#4: Beard Comb

Mean Beard Beard Comb

Believe it or not, beard combs are among the best beard care gifts you can buy. Bearded men need to comb their beards, but too many of them slack on the task. But a high-quality wooden comb from MEAN BEARD will help his face feel its best and keep him grooming himself like a boss. You can even get one that's infused with coffee or tobacco — need we say more?

#5: Shirts and Other Beard Gifts

Maybe you've already bought your guy all the beard grooming gifts he needs. Maybe he's already a MEAN BEARD fan and keeps his shelves stocked with our stuff (we like him already). In that case, there are plenty of other beard gifts and gear that can help him show off his bearded pride. From shirts and hats to patches and guitar picks, we've got everything your beardsman needs to suit up.

#6: Men's Beard Care Gift Set

Array of Mean Beard Products

Want to give him a little bit of everything? Get him a full beard care kit. Each beard grooming kit in our collection has a nice sampling of the products we offer. You can get one with beard oil and balm together (in a matching scent) to give him some options or choose one that features a folding beard comb and MEAN WHIP. No matter which men's beard care gift set you choose, you'll be looking at a smiling guy when he opens it (if you can see his mouth under the whiskers, that is).

#7: Build-Your-Own Beard Gift Set

Not satisfied with the care kits we offer? Build a beard gift set of your own! Buy beard oil and balm (in different scents or the same), MEAN WHIP, a beard comb, a t-shirt or any combination thereof, and you've got a little bundle of joy to hand to a very gruff and surly guy. We're so confident in our products that we know any beardsman will love anything you put into your own beard gift set.

#8: MEAN BEARD Gift Card

We know what you're thinking — "Gift cards are lame." Well, we hate to tell you, but you're wrong. At least if they're MEAN BEARD gift cards. When you're not sure what beard gifts to buy for him, let him choose for himself. When he's choosing from MEAN BEARD, he can't go wrong.

Get the Best Gifts for Guys With Beards Today

Whether you need Christmas gifts or just something to show you care about some scraggly lug, you can count on MEAN BEARD. Gifts for guys with beards aren't hard to find when you shop with us. From fresh-faced friends who are just sprouting stubble to old uncle Joe who started growing his facial hair at Woodstock, find the best beard gifts for the MEANest beardsmen today at MEAN BEARD and contact us if you have any questions.

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