Beard Care Routine 101: An Effective Daily Beard Routine For A Healthy, Well-Groomed Beard

How To Grow a Fuller Beard Guide

More than ever before, men need to have a daily beard care routine. A recent survey found that 40% of men have grown beards since the start of the pandemic. However, another study concluded that only 25% of men aged 18-29 and 21% of men aged 30-59 use beard maintenance products daily. Those numbers just don't add up.

Having a styled and groomed beard requires regular attention, including the use of beard grooming products. Our guide to Beard Care 101 will show you everything you need to know for the best beard care routine to keep you looking fresh even as you grow some ferocious facial hair.

We're here to fill beardsmen everywhere in on these two pieces of hardware that are crucial for trimming and grooming your beard. Whether you've recently hit a couple of months of growth or you're just looking to tame some gnarly morning beard, we'll help settle the comb vs. brush debate and give you all the beard grooming basics you need to look like the badass beardsman you know you are.

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Beard Care 101

Why Do You Need a Beard Care Routine?

There are two primary reasons you need a beard routine — style and skin care. Grooming a beard and mustache regularly makes them look noticeably better. You know what the hair on your head looks like when you wake up in the morning? Your beard isn't any better. Men's hair needs to be tamed, so without daily beard styling, you'll look like a mess. That goes for all beard styles and lengths, though it gets more important the longer your beard grows.

Beyond that, and perhaps even more crucially, a daily beard routine is essential for skin care. The skin underneath your facial hair is just as important as the hair itself. After all, most beard maintenance products are made with skin care in mind as much as beard care. In particular, beard oil is used for moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Preventing dry, itchy skin, and replacing bad oils with good oils, will keep your beard feeling and looking its healthiest.

Beard Maintenance Products

What Beard Maintenance Products Do You Need?

There are a lot of tools and products you might need (or want) for maintaining and grooming a beard. However, there are several must-have beard maintenance products that every man with facial hair should have in his arsenal.

  • Beard Oil — The best beard oil is made with nutrient-rich carrier oils and other high-quality, natural ingredients that will condition and moisturize your hair and skin, giving your beard some shine and keeping it from getting dry.
  • Beard Balm — While the same conditioning and moisturizing properties are present in most types of beard balm, its best purpose is for beard styling. If you have scraggly facial hair that's prone to strays, you need the stronger hold that a less-liquidy balm offers. Beard balm and oil are often used in tandem for maximum effect.
  • Beard Enhancer/Butter — Some men don't like the liquidy feeling of beard oil or the heavier feeling of balm; enter beard enhancer, sometimes called beard butter, which sits somewhere in the middle of the two. It moisturizes while also offering a light hold for beard styling. It can be used with balm and/or oil if you prefer but works fine on its own.
  • Mustache Wax — Most men find that they don't need more control than what beard balm provides. However, while balm can be used on the mustache, those with long mustaches (particularly those that need to be shaped into a specific style) may find that they need wax.
  • Beard Comb — A beard comb is essential for grooming facial hair and keeping it organized. It also evenly distributes the oil and other beard maintenance products you use while helping to keep things clean. A brush is also an option for those who prefer it. No matter what, opt for wood materials.
  • Beard Trimmer/Clippers — Whether you go for an electric trimmer, old-fashioned scissors or a combination of the two, you'll need something to shape and tame your facial hair as part of your beard routine. While you want to avoid shaving while growing your beard out, you'll eventually have to get the hairs out of your mouth or clip a few flyaways.

With these beard grooming products on hand, you'll be well on your way to a killer daily beard care routine.

The Best Beard Care Routine for Effectively Grooming Facial Hair

A lot can go into your beard routine, and in all likelihood, yours will develop over time based on your preferences. But the best beard care routine, especially for those new to growing out their facial hair, is often the simplest. A good beard care routine involves four key steps: washing, moisturizing, styling and taming.

Beard Washing

As part of your daily beard routine, you only need to rinse your skin and beard with warm water in the shower to wash it. Some people recommend a beard wash/shampoo and conditioner, but these can be detrimental to your beard health if they strip out natural or supplemented oils. If you do feel the need to use a beard wash, make sure you know the PH level (5.5 is what we recommend), and only use it about once every two weeks.

Beard Moisturizing

Softening and moisturizing should be part of your daily beard and skin care routine. After getting out of the shower, use beard oil to moisturize your skin when your pores are open and ready to receive. Beard balm or enhancer also work for the same purpose if you prefer.

Beard Styling

Get out your beard comb or brush to detangle your beard and distribute those oils. You might also need some extra balm, wax or butter to shape your facial hair and keep it in place. Beard styling should be done on a daily basis.

Beard Taming

Once your beard starts getting lengthy or scraggly, you need to start taming it with a trimmer or scissors. How often you do this kind of beard maintenance depends on your speed of growth and the look you want. That said, you generally want to trim your beard once a week or three times a month. Again, the proper timeline will shake out as your beard care routine develops. The key is to get rid of split ends and maintain your look.

Beard Care Routine

A Great Routine Starts With MEAN BEARD Grooming Products

For the best beard care routine you can get, trust MEAN BEARD. Our beard maintenance products are crafted in the USA by beardsmen who care. Kickstart your beard routine today!

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