Wooden Beard Combs


MEAN BEARD wooden beard combs are essential tools for keeping your beard in order. A quality wood beard comb will help detangle and style your facial hair without causing breakage, and it will redistribute natural oils and any beard grooming products you use. In other words, a wooden beard comb keeps you looking MEAN and ready to take on the world. We've tested all sorts of combs for beards, and it's helped us craft the best wooden beard combs money can buy — the only ones that are worthy to bear the MEAN BEARD brand (literally). Buy your beard comb today and see the difference for yourself.

The Right Wooden Beard Comb Makes All the Difference

Even beardsmen whose routines include beard care products wonder if they need to buy a beard comb. The answer, in short, is yes! Not only do you need one, but it should also be a wooden beard comb made from high-quality materials to avoid damaging your precious hair. Whether you need a short or wide-tooth wooden comb for your beard, the ones we offer here at MEAN BEARD are perfectly crafted to take care of your face forest.

Wooden Wide-Tooth Comb vs. Medium-Tooth Comb

Why the different teeth? Well, every beardsman is unique, and there are different-sized combs for beards of varying lengths. A wide-tooth beard comb tends to be more effective for beards that are full, long and thick. If you're rocking a shorter beard or need to tidy up your mustache, a medium-tooth beard comb might be a better option. However, it also comes down to personal preference, as some guys just tend to prefer how one or the other feels, regardless of their beard's length — or they like to have both on hand. Either way, MEAN BEARD has you covered. We also offer a folding beard comb that is highly portable with tapered teeth, giving you the best of both a medium-tooth beard comb and a wooden wide-tooth comb — plus, it just looks badass.

Common Beard Comb Questions

It might be obvious to us that wooden beard combs are vitally important tools, but you might still be wondering if they're right for you. Below are some frequently asked questions we hear, but if you need to know more, you can check out the full Beard Comb FAQ that we put together.

Is It Bad to Comb Your Beard too Much?

It can be bad to comb your beard too much, but what "too much" means really depends on you and your beard. You should use your beard comb as often as you need to, at least once or twice a day, likely in the morning and before bed. It's also good to comb your beard hair whenever you feel like you need to, but doing so more than five times in one day could put you at risk of snagging your strands more than necessary.

Are Wood Beard Combs Worth It?

There are tons of benefits of combing your beard, and to maximize them, you need to use a dedicated beard comb, and it should be made of wood. Why not just use that regular old comb you have sitting around? On a basic level, that comb was not made for facial hair. A beard hair comb was explicitly designed for that purpose, meaning it's sized correctly. That could mean it's a wide-tooth comb that can handle your massive mound of whiskers, or it's a small/medium-tooth beard comb that offers control. Buying a wooden comb for your beard is definitely worth it, too — wood is the highest quality material that is best for distributing oils and conditioning products. Cheap plastic and even metal can cause breakage, split ends and static, damaging the hair you put so much effort into maintaining.

What Makes a Good Beard Comb?

A good beard comb comes down to three main factors — materials, proper sizing and quality craftsmanship. As mentioned, you want to get a wooden beard comb, and it needs to be either a wooden wide-tooth comb or small/medium-tooth comb, depending on your needs. Beyond that, the wood itself must be strong and sturdy, and it should be crafted for optimum combing — in a way that looks good. MEAN BEARD's wooden beard combs are made with either natural peachwood or walnut & wenge wood, all of which are high quality. Our folding beard comb is engraved with the MEAN BEARD logo, and the other models are uniquely branded with a torch-heated iron and infused with either coffee or tobacco for a genuinely manly scent. No matter which you choose, it'll be MEAN.

Buy Your Beard Comb Today at MEAN BEARD

When you buy a wooden beard comb from us, you're choosing to give your facial hair the best. For styling, for cleaning, for detangling, for distributing beard oil, for being MEAN. Shop for wooden beard combs now to upgrade your care routine. Contact us if you have any questions or want to partner up for wholesale distribution of our products. Otherwise, buy a beard comb now and put your best beard forward.

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