MEAN BEARD Combs are made of wood. A good quality wooden beard comb is a required tool for your MEAN BEARD. Wooden beard combs untangle your beard without breaking hairs, and re-distribute beard oil or beard enhancer throughout your beard. 


Wooden Beard Comb and the Best Beard Comb Image


Why choose a wooden beard comb vs. metal or plastic?

We have tested metal beard combs and it’s unanimous by our MEAN TEAM that metal pulls the hair, causing breakage. A metal beard comb can be good for very short beard growth as the motion against the skin may stimulate the hair follicle roots and help alleviate flaking and itchiness. However, not so for medium to long beards.  We recommend you opt for a wooden beard comb or else you may end up with pulled hairs and split ends. Plastic beard combs are obviously made from synthetic materials and won’t absorb the natural oils in your beard or the products you apply to your beard. In our opinion, wood is the material of choice for the best beard comb. Wood beard combs untangle your beard without breaking hairs, and re-distribute beard oil throughout your beard, allowing for your beard to be undamaged, tangle-free, healthier and stronger. 

How To Use A Beard Comb:

Of course, the technique for combing your beard is pretty straightforward, here's a few tips from our MEANEST Beardsmen:

  • Always comb in the direction of your beard's natural growth.
  • Beard combs have longer teeth than most normal hair combs.  Take advantage of it and comb all the way through, letting the teeth massage and stimulate the skin.  This ensures you capture any tangles, and helps prevent beard itch.  And it just feels darn good too.
  • If you're using beard products like beard oil, beard butter, or beard enhancer, we recommend combing your beard twice.  First, before applying to remove any tangles.  Then, work your beard products into your beard, being sure to massage all the way through and to the skin.  Finally, comb again to your final preferred beard shape.

MEAN BEARD offers 3 styles of wooden beard combs.