Your beard can help fight cancer.

MEAN BEARD is happy to team up with The Cure Starts Now and their BEARD IT UP campaign for a second year in a row to help raise money for pediatric cancer research and we would love for you to join our team! 

When you join the MEAN BEARD TEAM and you make a donation of $30 or more, you will receive a customized "This Beard Fights Cancer" t-shirt.  Once you receive your t-shirt please take a photo of yourself and send it to us, we'll post you up on our MEAN BEARD facebook and instagram page.


MEAN BEARD is all about standing with purpose and growing a MEAN BEARD to inspire greatness.  We have chosen to stand with The Cure Starts Now and grow our beards in support of our smallest heroes battling cancer.  100% of all of the money (after credit card fees) goes directly to pediatric cancer research so every dollar makes a difference.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause and start giving these kids hope as they fight the deadliest of cancers.  Every bit helps.  BEARD IT UP with MEAN BEARD.


About the charity:
The Cure Starts Now is the largest funder of DIPG research in the world.  Children are diagnosed with cancer every day and The Cure Starts Now is in the forefront of finding and funding a cure. This research focuses on innovative researchers, efficient funding and effective results.

Please email The Cure Starts Now if you have questions.  If you prefer to send a check, please make the check out to “The Cure Starts Now” and put Beard It Up: [department/personal name] in the memo and mail to CSN; Attn: Beard it Up 2020; 10280 Chester Rd; Cincinnati, OH 45215.

BEARD IT UP with MEAN BEARD.  The cure starts with you … The Cure Starts NOW!
#bearditup #MEANBEARD

MEAN BEARD may be reached at: (email us your photo)
Facebook:  MEAN BEARD (join us and message us your photo)
Instagram: @mean_beard (join us and tag us your photo) 


An update on our little friend LJ

LJ is the little boy proudly wearing a beard in the BEARD IT UP campaign photo. For some of you who may not know, LJ was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) in February 2018 at the age of 2.  DIPG is an extremely rare brain tumor that primarily affects children, with most diagnoses occurring between ages 5 and 7. The median survival rate is 8-11 months.  LJ has been battling this cancer for almost 3 years now, and has been participating in a clinical trial at the Columbus, Ohio hospital made possible by The Cure Starts Now.  We are happy to update you all that LJ celebrated his 5th birthday in May.  His most recent brain scan in October deemed his tumor stable.  LJ is doing great, he is a robust spunky boy living life to the fullest with his sister and proud parents.



Did you know brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer deaths in the pediatric population?

One specific very aggressive type of brain tumor is DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma).  DIPG affects the pons portion of the brainstem, rendering nervous system function impossible. Symptoms include double vision, inability to close the eyelids completely, dropping one side of the face, and difficulty chewing and swallowing. Unfortunately these symptoms usually worsen rapidly because the tumor is rapidly growing.

DIPG, for all its difficulties, presents an opportunity for all forms of cancer. It is one of the most resistant of all cancers to chemotherapy treatments; it affects primarily children (whose treatment has historically led to innovations in many other forms of cancer), and with a "dismal" prognosis, alternatives are few. Put together, these obstacles offer researchers a chance to revolutionize cancer research and prevention. It is even suggested that a cure to DIPG might result in a cure for almost every other type of cancer. For this reason, the cure starts now.

The Cure Starts Now strives to generate the resources necessary for doctors to study DIPG and implement the findings in hope of curing DIPG, and hopefully all cancers.

To learn more about DIPG facts, causes, and treatment, please visit



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