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These days, you can find beard oil for men just about anywhere, from the drugstore to the supermarket, made with ingredients you can’t pronounce, made in a factory who-knows-where. Is that what you want to rub all over your face? (Don't answer that.) At Mean Beard, our beard oil is crafted by hand from natural materials by a guy named Joe. Joe wants nothing but the best for his beard, so you get nothing but the best for your beard. So, if you're looking for a beard conditioning oil from the best beard company that will leave your hair and skin feeling incredible without greasing you up, MEAN BEARD is the answer. This is oil for beard lovers who take pride in their facial hair, from the simple stubble to the long, flowing wizard whiskers. Shop our scented beard oil below and find out what's so nice about being MEAN.

Quality Beard Oil for Men Who Feel MEAN

We make scented and natural beard oil for men who aspire to be MEAN — those with a positive-aggressive attitude. Who stand for something. Who want to make a difference. And above all, those who want to grow a killer beard. Scented oil is for much more than just smelling good — it'll give your beard the nutrients it needs to look and feel its best. Our beard hair oil is a masterful blend of nutrient-rich oils that offer a wealth of benefits to your facial hair and skin without an uncomfortable greasy feeling. It's expertly crafted in Batavia, Ohio, by experienced beardsmen who are dedicated to creating the best beard oil for your face.

FAQ: What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard conditioning oil does a lot for the health of your facial hair. It lubricates the hair, moisturizes the skin and helps keep your face healthy and primed for growing a beard. Scented oil also gives your face a pleasant smell that will appeal to both you and others. It also alleviates beard itch, controls beard dandruff, and prevents hair breakage. To learn more, read our article that details what beard oil is used for.

FAQ: What's The Difference Between Beard Oil vs. Balm?

You can use beard oil and beard balm separately or together, depending on personal preference. The main difference is that beard balm offers a stronger hold to help you style your facial hair, while natural beard oil simply conditions, moisturizes and softens your hair and skin. Balm has the same benefits; it's just a thicker product that helps shape and control your beard, which is particularly helpful if it's longer. For the maximum benefits, we recommend using beard oil and balm together, applying the oil first, then finishing with the balm for the styling portion of your daily care routine.

FAQ: What Kinds of Scented Beard Oil Does MEAN BEARD Offer?

Our line of scented beard oils includes the following hand-blended scents:

  • King's Throne — A classically familiar patchouli-citrus scent
  • Rockstar — A uniquely masculine blend of tobacco and sandalwood
  • Gunsmoke — A spicy-sweet, mellow musk-vanilla scented beard oil
  • Chainsaw — The smell of fresh-cut cedarwood and fir, capturing the essence of the outdoors
  • Cannonball — Tropical bay rum, black pepper and coconut beard oil for men who dream of a pirate's life

Each of these scents is fantastic for your facial hair. Just choose a beard hair oil that sounds appealing to you and prepare to get MEAN.

Buy The Only Beard Oil for The MEANest Beardsmen

Here at MEAN BEARD, scented beard oils are more than just some fancy-smelling stuff for your face. Our beard care products combine high-quality ingredients with American artisanship to create the best beard conditioning oil for the MEANest beardsmen — including you. This is beard oil for men of the highest caliber. Try it today and join our ranks.

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