The TOP 3 Best BEARDS of 2021: MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest

We are proud to announce the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS of 2021 in the world!
The TOP 3 Best BEARDS of 2021:  MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest

The TOP 3 were selected out of the TOP 12 finalists by the 10 person MEAN BEARD Judge Panel out of the 78 MEAN BEARD Contestants from 9 countries far and wide including Australia, Canada, India, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, USA, and the UK all vying for the title of the 2021 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion.

Narrowing down the TOP 12 contestants to the TOP 3 was an extraordinarily difficult task for the judges as these men all have exceptional full beards and they each have a story behind their beard that personifies the MEAN BEARD image of standing with purpose.  The judges took into consideration three main things:  the composition of the beard, the story behind the beard, and the overall fit of the person to be a representation of the MEAN BEARD brand. 

In no particular order, the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS of 2021 are: 

The TOP 3 Best BEARDS of 2021:  MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest
Robert Michaelis -  Lakeland, Florida, USA
Bearded since:  2016
Family over everything, first and foremost.  I am a truss engineer.  Fitness is a must daily.  Golf with my father is a hobby.   I also enjoy inspiring people through my socials, with laughter, motivation, and tough love.  It saved my life, it very well could help another!
MEAN BEARD Motto:     I'm the CEO of toxic positivity!  I feed off inspiring others to be better and do better every single day.  Let's go!  Be great today!
Tell us why you have the MEANest BEARD? 
I transformed my life in 2013 as I went through in-patient rehab for a 15 year drug addiction.  I lost everything, my job, my family, my will to live ...  complete rock bottom. I was so blinded by drug use, it makes me ill to think about it to this day, at this moment. When I say I was a different person I mean that wholeheartedly. I have been clean for 8 years now.  It seems since I started my fitness transformation and growing my beard people are drawn to me, my story, my fire, my passion for life. I inspire people to change and to be grateful. This mindset changed my life. It has helped me inspire so many others as well. I feel blessed to be alive and to be able to share myself and my light with everyone.
The TOP 3 Best BEARDS of 2021:  MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest
Praveen  Parameswar -  Kodumon, Kerala, INDIA
Bearded since:  2012
Proud Beard Model, Actor, Assistant /Associate Director, Filmmaker, Singer.
MEAN BEARD Motto:      My beard life is like the immense love of a mother to her child. I take care of my beard in such a way that how a mother nurture and heed her child.
Tell us why you have the MEANest BEARD? 
Initially, I faced so many derides and challenges.  But later, fortunately, the same who deride me appreciated me for my accomplishments, and moreover, they also started growing beard .... this is my triumph.
The TOP 3 Best BEARDS of 2021:  MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest
Bryan Banfield - Eagle River, Alaska, USA
Bearded since:  2014
I am a father, grandfather, journeyman plumber, level 2 boiler operator, and a hvac technician. I enjoy learning new things and tinkering.  I love cooking and the outdoors such as hiking, fishing, hunting and camping. 
MEAN BEARD Motto:     Don't be afraid to try something because everyone that has succeeded has failed more than anyone that has never tried!
Tell us why you have the MEANest BEARD? 
I have always helped charities and fundraisers.  I never knew the possibilities that a beard could do.  My beard has given me the avenue to help raise money and hopefully make an impact on people's lives in a positive way.  I couldn't imagine myself without a beard.

WIN a $100 MEAN BEARD Gift Card!

Let us know who you think should be awarded the MEANest BEARD Champion title and trophy out of the TOP 3 contestants by leaving a comment below. You will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a $100 MEAN BEARD GIFT CARD so you can buy beard oil and products. One entry per person.  Draw will take place at end of contest after the 2021 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion has been announced.  



We would like to congratulate the TOP 12 and thank all 78 contestants.  You all are an inspiration to us and to the world.  At MEAN BEARD, it's not only the beard, it's the attitude.  You make it clear that a MEAN BEARD is a symbol of strength, freedom, truth, patience and perseverance.  We appreciate you sharing in this event and showing the world how MEAN your beard is!  Stay MEAN!


Stay tuned for the MEANest BEARD Champion announcement this week!


You can view all 78 contestants on MEAN BEARD Instagram or Facebook, see their full stories in the MEAN NEWS blog or a brief look in the contest photo gallery!
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