Meet the 2021 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion!

We are proud to announce the 2021 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion! 


MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion - The 2021 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest by MEAN BEARD

Robert Michaelis from Lakeland, Florida, USA @robertwyatt13

Bearded since:  2016

Hard work, commitment, steadfast determination and a positive mindset is how truss engineer Robert Michaelis has succeeded in life.  Success begins with a solid network of support, "family over everything, first and foremost" says Robert, a dedicated father and husband, who enjoys spending time golfing with his father.  Daily fitness is a must for Robert.  His passion lies in the importance to strive to be great and to share with people, "I'm the CEO of toxic positivity!  I feed off inspiring others to be better and do better every single day."  By sharing his posts and videos of laughter, motivation and tough love on social media, Robert believes his influential messages will reach out and help someone, "having this mindset, it saved my life, it very well could help another" says Robert.  He continues, "I transformed my life in 2013 as I went through in-patient rehab for a 15 year drug addiction.  I lost everything -  my job, my family, and my will to live ...  I hit complete rock bottom. I was so blinded by drug use.  It makes me ill to think about it to this day, at this moment. When I say I was a different person, I mean that wholeheartedly. I have been clean for 8 years now.  It seems since I started my fitness transformation and growing my beard people are drawn to me, my story, my fire, my passion for life. I inspire people to change and to be grateful. This mindset changed my life. It has helped me inspire so many others as well. I feel blessed to be alive and to be able to share myself and my light with everyone."
MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion - The 2021 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest by MEAN BEARD
On behalf of the 10 member judge panel, I would like to congratulate you on being crowned the MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion. One of the main pillars and tag lines of the MEAN BEARD company is the slogan "it's not only the beard, it's the attitude", and you my friend live and breathe the MEAN BEARD mindset by putting words into actions and inspiring people every single day.  Congratulations Robert! - Joe Loving, Judge  
This year's MEANest BEARD Contest has absolutely smashed it out of the park with the highest calibre of beardsmen around today, a magnificent display of not only epic beards of all shapes and styles but also the finest collection of awesome gents from all over the world, I salute you all. The contest was hard fought and equally as hard to judge, our final TOP 3 were outstanding. A huge congratulations to these epic beardsmen! Finally, I would like to say a massive congratulations to the final 12 and everyone who took part in this most prestigious contest, you all rock and are all most definitely #MEANBEARD! 👊🏼 - Lee BMG, Judge

WIN $100 in MEAN BEARD product!

We'll be giving away a $100 MEAN BEARD e-gift card that you can use towards our beard oil and beard care products, at the end of this week. To enter, simply leave a congratulatory comment below for Robert, no later than 11:59 p.m. February 2nd. One entry per person. All comments on blog posts and social media throughout the 2021 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest will also be entered into the draw.  



Thank you to the TOP 3, the TOP 12 and all 78 contestants who participated in this year's contest.  You all are an inspiration to us and to the world.  At MEAN BEARD, it's not only the beard, it's the attitude.  You make it clear that a MEAN BEARD is a symbol of strength, freedom, truth, patience and perseverance.  We appreciate you sharing in this event and showing the world how MEAN your beard is!  Stay MEAN!


You can view all contestants on MEAN BEARD Instagram or Facebook, see their full stories in the MEAN NEWS blog or a brief look in the contest photo gallery!


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  • Congratulations, well deserved. I have a similar outlook on life, I’ve been sober 11 years now and post a positive message everyday on my Instagram.

    Anthony Ellis
  • You da mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Congratz

    Steve Crawford
  • Congratulations Robert! I recently followed you on IG, and your inspiration, motivation, and passion for life is something really special. Your story really hit home for me, as I’ve lost family and friends to suicide and overdoses, not to mention my own wasted years of partying way too hard etc. Your love of life, family, fitness, and unwavering positivity is truly contagious, and can only steer people in a rut to be the people they thought they could never be. I know I’m late for the e-gift entry, but that’s no big deal, I just wanted to leave you a comment regardless:) 👊🏻👊🏻

    Jason R. Webb
    Jason R. Webb

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