The TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS of 2019

We are proud to announce the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS in the world for 2019! These men were selected by the 6 person MEAN BEARD Judge Panel from the TOP 12 out of the 100 MEAN BEARD Contestants from 13 countries.
It was very hard to choose the TOP 3 out of the TOP 12 MEANest BEARDS says Joe Loving, Managing Partner at MEAN BEARD Co.  All of the top 12 contestants have exceptional beards, unique in their own way, and they all have an interesting story and a strong meaning behind their beard that inspires greatness.  A MEAN BEARD is a symbol of strength, freedom, truth, patience and perseverance, and all of the contestants personified that to us.  Ultimately, the judges have to make a decision, they have cast their votes and the TOP 3 have been determined.
The TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS of 2019, in no particular order are

The Top 3 MEANest Beards of 2019



The Top 3 MEANest Beards of 2019 - Samson Pillar - 2019 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest

First Name Samson
Last Name Pillar
Instagram Username @tackberry1
Hometown Sarnia
State/Province/Region: Ontario
Country Canada
Bearded Since: June 2017
Tell Us A Bit About Yourself. (Career, Hobbies, Interests) Hello, I am a PSW (Personal Support Worker) in a hospital and in a Long Term Care Facility. I work two jobs. I care for people who are affected with ADL's (Activities of Daily Living). We have 6 of them, they are: eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting, transferring, and continence. This takes a certain kind of human to be able to do this. I also care for people that suffer from Alzheimer's, Dementia, Mental Health, ABI's: Acquired Brain Injury, Elderly and the vulnerable. I also deal with Sundowning. Now in the hospital, my job is to care for Cancer Patients who are in such a terrible place in their lives. I deal with stage 1 to end of Life. I have been with patients when they have taken their last breath. I also deal with Children who suffer from Cancer, I just don't care for them but I bring joy, laughter, and make them forget about this terrible disease for a small amount of time. Either playing games, making them laugh, opening a door outside so they can see and smell the fresh air. I will play their favourite songs, movies etc. I go above and beyond each and everyday to make sure I can make them feel special. We all believe that we can have a better life, BUT we could also have a bad one. My patients all "Mean" the world to me. When I'm having a bad day at work I just remember look at what my patients are going through.
What's Your Motto / What Do You Stand For?

"Do unto others as you want done unto you.  Be kind each and every day. Do a small gesture to someone in need - be it a smile, a hello, or open a door.

Tell Us Why You Have The MEANEST Beard? (Share An Interesting Story Behind Your Beard. We Want To Know Who The Man Behind The Beard Is.) I am considered the Friendly Giant at work with a big heart. I have been sent home unpaid for 6 months now because I will not shave my Beard. So I am standing up for all who believe they have rights and freedoms. That we are all different and special in this world. I believe in being different and showing what God has given you, I believe we should all look and be different. I believe we all need to stay true to yourself and enjoy this world!! 

"Being of service to others and helping to bring joy into their lives is a special gift not all of us have, and Samson has it from what we see in his chosen profession.  Samson not only has a massive mane that gives the visual appearance of a MEAN BEARD, he also has the attitude of what having a MEAN BEARD is all about, and that is standing with purpose, persevering, and staying true to yourself when outside influence is trying to pressure you to unjustifiably change and adhere to their way."  - MEAN BEARD Judges


The Top 3 MEANest Beards of 2019 - Chandra Prakash Vyas - 2019 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest

First Name Chandra Prakash
Last Name Vyas
Instagram Username @rajasthan_beard_club
Hometown Bikaner
State/Province/Region: Rajasthan
Country India
Bearded Since: 3.5 years
Tell Us A Bit About Yourself. (Career, Hobbies, Interests) National rural health mission as a computer operator.
What's Your Motto / What Do You Stand For? I want to move the name of my country forward and it's Beard Society. It's not only beard it's attitude!
Tell Us Why You Have The MEANEST Beard? (Share An Interesting Story Behind Your Beard. We Want To Know Who The Man Behind The Beard Is.)

Four years ago, when I started growing my beard, an astrologer told me "you should remove your beard, that you will not get anything from it".  I immediately shaved my beard. But, my father told me that I should grow it back, after that I have been growing it for the last three years.  I even received the title of longest beard champion! Today whatever identity I have in my country is due to my beard and behind it is the strength of my family! 

"Clearly, we can see that Chandra stands out from the crowd.  He is a leader who is finding his own way, and he is inspiring people in his country India.  Being that Chandra respects the advice of his father, we see how important family is to Chandra and that a strong family foundation establishes prosperity.  Chandra personifies great confidence and individuality with his beard at the forefront being so majestic in all it's black brilliance. We love the twist he does at the bottom of his beard.  That gives Chandra's beard a unique twist ;-)"  - MEAN BEARD Judges


The Top 3 MEANest Beards of 2019 - Kevin Boling - 2019 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest

First Name Kevin
Last Name Boling
Instagram Username Kevinsbeard
Hometown Warden
State/Province/Region: Washington
Country USA
Bearded Since: March of 2015
Tell Us A Bit About Yourself. (Career, Hobbies, Interests) After high school I served in the U.S. Army. It was the only time in my life since puberty that I was clean shaven. After serving in the army I did a variety of jobs from reforesting Mt. Saint Helens after it blew to logging/setting chokers to making jewelry. I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. I love to spend time with my grandchildren, fishing and competing in beard competitions. One of my greatest interests is serving others. I got the opportunity and honor to cook for and feed the homeless, it filled my heart full of joy.
What's Your Motto / What Do You Stand For? Do for others that are not able to do for themselves.
Tell Us Why You Have The MEANEST Beard? (Share An Interesting Story Behind Your Beard. We Want To Know Who The Man Behind The Beard Is.) After growing my beard out to honor a fellow Viking childhood friend that passed away from cancer my daughter came up to me and told me that my beard was getting really yellow. I knew it was from nicotine stains. I had tried several times in my life to quit smoking and never was completely successful. Her telling me, that was the ticket. My beard is so MEAN that because of it I have been nicotine-free for 4 years.

"When we see a man with a white beard, we think of a Wizard.  Great wisdom beholds a man who is blessed with such a beard.  The fact that Kevin quit smoking after his daughter told him his beard was turning yellow tells us not only how strong the power of love is, but also how strong the mind is even to overcome an addiction. You can accomplish anything if you really want to and if you put all your strength and belief into it.  That we say is a mighty MEAN BEARD!"  - MEAN BEARD Judges


 The MEAN BEARD judge panel will announce the Champion of the 2019 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest within the next few days!  The Winner will claim title as the MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion.

The champion will claim the MEANest BEARD trophy and a MEAN prize pack valued up to $1,000 which includes beard care products from MEAN BEARD Co., and awesome prizes donated from the contest sponsors - WhiskertinJessica Danielle ClayBackattack Snacks Gonzalez Handmade and Urbana Cafe
You may view all the 100 contestant's full stories on our MEAN NEWS blog in groups of 8, a brief on our contest photo gallery, and also on MEAN BEARD Instagram or Facebook.
Feel free to leave a comment below!  We'd love to hear your thoughts and who you think should be the Champion 2019 World's MEANest BEARD.  We'll be giving away a $100 MEAN PRIZE PACK this week to one lucky person who leaves a comment here on our contest blog!
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