The 2019 MEANest BEARD Worldwide CHAMPION

We are proud to announce the 2019 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion!


Samson Pillar from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. 

The "Friendly Giant" is what Samson considers himself, a man with a big heart. As a Personal Support Worker in a hospital and long term care facility, Samson makes a huge positive impact on the patients, as well as the family members.  These people, many who are children, are dealing with dreaded diseases such as cancer and elderly folks who are near the end of their life, Samson brings a ray of sunshine with smiles, laughter and being present in the moment taking their minds off their situation.  Unfortunately, this all came to a crash 8 months ago when he was suspended from work (without pay), for not agreeing to shave his beard for the N95 face mask fit test. Samson stood by his principals and consulted with various companies to find a solution, so a compromise would be met. He went to arbitration. Samson recently succeeded and will return to work, MEAN BEARD intact and a solution agreed to. Being of service to others and helping to bring joy into their lives is a special gift not all of us have, and Samson has it from what we see in his chosen profession. Samson not only has a massive mane that gives the visual appearance of a MEAN BEARD, he also has the attitude of what having a MEAN BEARD is all about, and that is standing with purpose, persevering, and staying true to yourself even when outside influence is trying to pressure you to unjustifiably change and adhere to their way.  We think this is an awesome story associated with the beard, which is very inspiring, and for that we award Samson Pillar the title of 2019 MEANest BEARD WORLDWIDE CHAMPION. -  MEAN BEARD Judges


The MEANest BEARD CHAMPION was selected out of the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS in the world by the 6 person MEAN BEARD judge panel, narrowed down from the TOP 12 MEANest BEARDS out of the 100 MEAN BEARD contestants from 13 countries who participated in the 2019 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest.

The judges had a very difficult task in front them.  The title of MEANest BEARD Champion could certainly have been awarded to any of the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS.  They all have world-class beards, unique in their own way, and they all have a story and a meaning behind their beard that inspires greatness. Ultimately, the judges had to select one sole winner for the title of the 2019 World's MEANest BEARD CHAMPION.  Votes were cast, and tabulated, resulting in a tight finish, and the winner was determined.   

Samson Pillar is awarded title to the 2019 MEANest BEARD and will receive the MEANest BEARD trophy and a MEAN prize pack valued up to $1,000 which includes a one year supply of MEAN BEARD products and awesome prizes donated from the contest sponsors - WhiskertinJessica Danielle ClayBackattack SnacksGonzalez Handmade and Urbana Cafe

You may view all the 100 contestant's full stories on MEAN NEWS in groups of 8, a brief on our contest photo gallery, and also on MEAN BEARD Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you once again to all contestants, we appreciate your entry.  Thank you also to everyone who followed the contest and left us comments.  We will be posting the winner of the $100 MEAN BEARD prize pack this week.  

Leave a congratulatory comment below for Samson today and you will be entered into the contest.  Drawing will take place on Thursday, January 23rd, stay tuned!


January 23, 2020 - Congratulations to Patrik Wydler from Zurich, Switzerland the lucky winner of the $100 MEAN BEARD prize pack! 

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  • Congratulations to all three.

  • Atta boy Sampson, two wins with one beard. Cheers!

    Bill Majovsky
  • Thank you to all for the kind words. They are all very much appreciated…
    Stay kind to all and do something nice to someone in need.
    Have a wonderful day.
    “Stay true to You”


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