The Best Carrier Oil For Beard Oil

"What does beard oil do?"  "Should I use beard oil?"

These are two of the most common questions we are asked when people are evaluating the benefits of beard oil.  Our product development expert, Joe Loving, has the simple answer:

Absolutely, 100%, YES!!

Big surprise, coming from us, right?  However, there's very good reason (and science) to support this answer.   

The branch of medicine that relates to hair and scalp is known as trichology.  Yup, there's an entire area of science devoted to this.  Though we're not scientists or doctors here at Mean Beard, we've studied the science extensively, so here's a quick explanation of the need to supplement the bodies natural beard lubricant, called sebum, with a beard oil product.

What does beard oil do and should I use beard oil

Why Use Beard Oil #1:  Control Beard Itch and Beard Dandruff

Each one of our beard hair follicles are housed inside a gland called the sebaceous gland. These are the glands that make our bodies natural oil called sebum, which coats and protects the beard follicle. As your beard starts to gain momentum in growth, unfortunately your sebaceous gland can not keep up with the amount of volume needed to keep the skin on the outside moisturized and healthy.  Symptoms of this is what is known as beard itch or beard dandruff due to the dryness and lack of health of the skin.  

Beard Oil Benefit #2:  Prevent Hair Breakage

If your skin is not healthy, your beard is not healthy.  By supplementing beard oil into your daily beard care regiment, your facial skin will be moisturized and protected from all environmental factors such as cold weather, humidity levels and even dust and dirt particles. This makes for a happy, healthy and stronger beard.

How To Stop Beard Itch

What Beard Oil Does #3:  A Softer, Smoother Beard

A healthy, well-moisturized beard is softer, smoother, and just darn more sexy.  Don't believe us?  Try it out, and then ask her.

It's important to understand that not all beard oils are created equal.  At Mean Beard, we've worked with licensed professionals to formulate our beard care products specifically for the benefits outlined above.  The carrier oils in beard oil are what provide the best beard oil benefits, so it's important to ensure you choose a product that is natural, and doesn't contain ingredients that can clog pores or actually damage the skin.

In the end, personal grooming is a matter of personal choice and preference.  But beard oil isn't just about the scent you choose.  It's about supporting strong, healthy skin which supports a strong, healthy beard.

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