The TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS of 2020

We are proud to announce the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS of 2020 in the world!

The TOP 3 were selected out of the TOP 12 finalists by the 5 person MEAN BEARD Judge Panel out of the 115 MEAN BEARD Contestants from 11 countries far and wide including Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Canada, USA, and the UK all vying for the title of the 2020 WORLDWIDE MEANEST BEARD. 

Narrowing down the TOP 12 contestants to the TOP 3 was an extraordinarily difficult task for the judges as these men all have exceptional full beards and they each have a story behind their beard that personifies the MEAN BEARD image of standing with purpose.  The judges took into consideration three main things:  the composition of the beard, the story behind the beard, and the overall fit of the person to be a representation of the MEAN BEARD brand. 

In no particular order, the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS of 2020 are:

TOP 3 MEANest BEARD - 2020 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest by MEAN BEARD best beards long beards full beards
Serge Tremblay - Québec City, Québec, Canada @tbnkqc
Bearded since 2014.
Bartender, construction, motocross, gaming, playing hockey, taking care of my family and Rottweiler.
MEAN BEARD Motto:  One day at a time. Equality, respect and mutual aid.
"6 years ago just before Movember on October 28th, I decided to let my beard grow. I also decided to stop using drugs. It's a very important date for me because I succeeded. A few weeks later, over the holidays, I challenged my godfather: "My beard will be longer than yours next Christmas" and I succeeded too! After that, I kept my beard for hockey series and as the time went by, a love story has grown up between the two of us.  Now that I have THE MEANest BEARD, it gave me the courage to become a bartender, the first male in the history of my bar."
TOP 3 MEANest BEARD - 2020 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest by MEAN BEARD best beards long beards full beards
Kevin Boling - Moses Lake, Washington, USA @kevinsbeard
Bearded since 2015.
My calling is exploring the land the good man gave us and finding ways to live off it. You can find me hanging out with my buddy and dog, Skipper, helping my daughter and son in law with their new house, fishing and planning a Columbia River two month long trip. When the season is right, my brother and I hunt for some of the best mushrooms in western Washington; oyster, lobster, morel, lions mane , and cauliflower to name a few.
MEAN BEARD Motto:  It's never too late to change your life. To be happy, to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest.
"When I found out I had high blood pressure and cholesterol, I realized if I wanted to see my grandchildren grow up, I had to get serious about my physical health. Eating right and daily exercise quickly became a priority. Happy to report I found out a couple weeks ago my cholesterol and blood pressure are finally at healthy levels! I feel like I got yet another second chance to live my life. My beard is a representation of my life. When I started growing my beard, I was smoking cigarettes and living an unhealthy lifestyle. My beard hasn't been trimmed and shows the life I used to live and the one I choose to live every day since 2016. There's even a little bit of yellow hair. Some have encouraged me to cut it off but I see it as a reminder of overcoming the struggle and turning into a healthier, happier me."
TOP 3 MEANest BEARD - 2020 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest by MEAN BEARD best beards long beards full beards

Praveen Parameswar - Adoor, Kerala, India @Praveen_parameswar_thady
Bearded since 2013.
Actor, Beard model and Assistant/Associate Director (film).
MEAN BEARD Motto:   To be hold the longest beardman world record.
"I love my Beard.  The Beard is a great responsibility, because it's a gift that is not given to everybody. I am maintaining my beard like a baby. While growing my beard I am facing so many bad words from my friends and society.  Fortunately or unfortunately nowadays they are my big beard supporters." 



Let us know who you think should be awarded the 2020 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion title out of the TOP 3 contestants. You will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a $100 MEAN BEARD GIFT CARD.  One entry per person.  Draw will take place at end of contest after the MEANest BEARD Champion has been announced.  Leave your comment below.  

TOP 3 MEANest BEARD - 2020 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest by MEAN BEARD best beards long beards full beards

Stay tuned-in for the 2020 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion announcement!

We expect the MEAN BEARD Judge Panel to make their decision and announcement within a week.

Thank you to all contestants. You all are an inspiration to us and to the world. You make it clear that a MEAN BEARD is a symbol of strength, freedom, truth, patience and perseverance. It was great to have you with us sharing in this event and showing the world how MEAN your beard is!  We look forward to you joining us again in the 2021 contest!  Until then, stay MEAN! 

You can view all 115 contestants on MEAN BEARD Instagram or Facebook, see their full stories in the MEAN NEWS blog or a brief look in the contest photo gallery!
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