Meet the 2018 MEANest BEARD CHAMPION!

We are proud to announce the 2018 MEANest BEARD Champion!

Gerry Spiller - Champion MEANest BEARD. The 2018 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest. 141 contestants from 19 countries.  Best beards with a MEAN attitude.

Gerry Spiller from Grantham, New Hampshire, USA. 

Living each day by his MEAN motto: "Work hard, Play harder", Gerry is the owner of a professional moving company and enjoys travelling, trail running, fishing, and most importantly spending time with family and friends.  The story behind Gerry's beard is quite remarkable, he tells us "my wife's grandfather inspired me to grow a beard he never did. Now I'm a second place national champion. It's been a great journey meeting friends from around the world, who knew that a beard would unite us?"  

The MEANest BEARD CHAMPION was selected out of the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS in the world by the 10 person MEAN BEARD judge panel, narrowed down from the TOP 12 MEANest BEARDS out of the 141 MEAN BEARD contestants from 19 countries who participated in the 2018 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest.

The judges had a very difficult task in front them.  The title of MEANest BEARD Champion could certainly have been awarded to any of the TOP 3 MEANest BEARDS.  They all have world-class beards, unique in their own way, and they all have a story and a meaning behind their beard that inspires greatness. Ultimately, the judges had to select one sole winner for the title of the 2018 World's MEANest BEARD CHAMPION.  Votes were cast, and tabulated, resulting in a tight finish, and the winner was determined.   

"Gerry has an amazingly thick & healthy beard. It's width, density, and form is really impressive.  Gerry is a champion in his own right.  We love what MEAN BEARD judge Matt Stock has to say about Gerry's beard, "you can put a basketball in it, and you'd never see it again." Lol!! Congratulations Gerry, we think you'll make a great member of the MEAN TEAM."  - MEAN BEARD Judge Panel

Gerry is awarded title to the 2018 MEANest BEARD and will receive the MEANest BEARD trophy and a MEAN prize pack valued up to $1,000 which includes beard care products from MEAN BEARD Co., and awesome prizes donated from the contest sponsors -  Kickasso KustomsGonzalez HandmadeElla JudeWhiskertin LightingApplecreek Specialty Foods, and MEAN Clothing Company.

You may view all the 141 contestant's full stories on our blog in groups of 8, a brief on our contest photo gallery, and also on MEAN BEARD Instagram or Facebook.


Congratulations to Kim Steedman winner of the $100 MEAN BEARD PRIZE PACK.  Kim's name was drawn from all the names of the people who left a comment on our website voting for their favorite MEAN BEARD during this contest.  


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