MEAN BEARD Co.  MEAN TEAM at Beards Behind Bars. Beard Competiton.  Time to break out and conquer the titles.

There's going to be a JAIL BREAK! BEARDS BEHIND BARS 2

Join the MEAN TEAM tonight as they break out from behind the bars to conquer their titles at BEARDS BEHIND BARS 2 beard competition at the Ohio State Reformatory, hosted by Beards of the Old North West.
The MEAN TEAM - at Beards behind Bars 2. Barry Stock, Lance Wooton, Patrick Quinn, Joe Loving, Jeremy Sharp.  MEAN BEARD Co. Best beard products MEANest beard oil in the World.

The MEAN TEAM Patrick Quinn 'Chops', Lance Wooton 'Full Beard Natural 12+', Joe Loving 'Full Beard Natural 12+', and Jeremy Sharp 'Full Beard Natural 4-'  are set for the fight in their categories. 
Warden Barry Stock is behind the team 100% and awaiting the break out to begin! 

Join in and get your tickets.
06/30/18 - 5 PM - 11PM 
Includes a tour of the Reformatory starting at 11 AM.
Ohio State Reformatory MRPS
100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, OH
Tickets at or

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