The 2018 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest - Starts November 1st until Dec. 20th! Online annual beard contest. Search for the World's MEANest Beard. It's not only the beard, it's the attitude. Have you got a MEAN BEARD? Show us and tell us story.  Apply now.

UPDATE December 21st

Thank you to everyone who has entered The 2018 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest.

Entries are now closed as of December 20th.

We will be featuring the rest of the contestants in groups of 8 over the next week,  until everyone has been featured and added to the photo gallery.

It's not only the beard, it's the attitude that deems a MEAN BEARD, and so the 2018 World's MEANest BEARD will be chosen by our MEAN TEAM judge panel who will first determine and announce the TOP 12, then the TOP 3 and then the CHAMPION in early January.  

The winner will be awarded title as the 2018 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Champion, and receive a trophy and a MEAN prize pack valued at up to $1000.


On Now Until December 20th!

The 2018 MEANest BEARD Champion will be awarded the MEANest Beard 2018 trophy and a MEAN prize pack valued at up to $1,000!

Have you got a MEAN BEARD?  It’s not only the beard, it’s the attitude that deems a MEAN BEARD.   

We want to see your beard, and hear your story.  What makes your beard a MEAN BEARD?  

What will determine the MEANest BEARD Champion is not only a badass beard, but also the person behind the beard.  What’s your story?  What do you stand for? What does your beard represent?  You have the best chances of winning if you provide us with an interesting/inspiring story behind your beard and include a quality portrait photograph of yourself that captures the attitude your story portrays and clearly shows your beard.

The MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest is an online contest, and it is open to bearded individuals worldwide.

You may enter any time between November 1st (contest opening date) and December 20th, 2018 (contest closing date).

Due to the high volume of entries, we will be grouping all entries into a collage of 8 and posting on MEAN BEARD website "Our Latest News" and social media.  The stories will only be posted on our website.  Once you see your MEAN BEARD entry featured please share it with all your friends and followers.  Ask them for their support of your MEAN BEARD by commenting and sharing.  We do take into consideration the popular opinion when we make our final decision to determine the Champion. 

Tips for your photo submission:  preferably no selfies, especially car selfies. It's best that you are the only person in the photograph so you are the focal point.  Make sure you own the photograph, we cannot publish professional photos that you do not own or have permission from photographer, and we will not accept photos with watermarks on them.  We also request no brands on your hat or clothing, especially beard grooming brands.

After contest closing, and once all contestants have been announced and featured, which will be by the end of December, a panel of MEAN TEAM judges will then assemble and narrow down all entries (using a scoring system, based on the beard, the attitude shown in the photograph, and the story behind the beard) to TOP 12, then to TOP 3, and then the MEANest BEARD CHAMPION.  The announcements will be posted at separate times on our website and social media early January 2019.    

Stay tuned-in and subscribe to MEAN News on our website.  Also, join our MEAN BEARD community on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

We look forward to seeing you!  Stay MEAN! 



Please read contest rules.  Contest is not open to sponsored MEAN TEAM Ambassadors, employees, family, prize sponsors or affiliates of MEAN BEARD Co. 



Past Winners

2017 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest Champion Jamie Murphy, Wapato, Washington USA - MEAN BEARD Co.

2016 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest Champion Jesse Elder, Woodstock, ON Canada - MEAN BEARD Co.

2015 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest Champion Tom "Crusty" Cruickshank, Palmer, AK, USA - MEAN BEARD Co.

2014 MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest Champion Jason Duck, Red Deer, AB Canada - MEAN BEARD Co.